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Virtual Health Appointments, Somatics and Tai Chi Classes are CMT's newest additions to support you on your wellness journey!



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Willie Muller


  • Do you direct bill ICBC, Worksafe BC or MSP?"
    At this time, Willie Muller, RMT & and Acupuncturist David Malcolm direct bills ICBC. We do not direct bill MSP or WorkSafeBC at this time but you can pay us and get reimbursed after.
  • Should I tip my RMT?
    Our therapists do not accept tips. This is because we are a healthcare facility. If you would like to compliment our therapists for a job well done, we would suggest that you refer a friend to see them or write a positive review on Google or social media.
  • How do I pay for my Massage Therapy Treatment?
    We accept contactless payments such as Visa, MasterCard and email transfers from your banking establishment. Your RMT will issue an official receipt for you via email only (paperless) to include with your benefits claim or taxes. We may be able to submit the claim to your benefits provider on your behalf.
  • How do I find out if my Extended Health Benefits plan covers massage?
    Read your insurance booklet, if you have one. You can also ask your employer or call your insurer directly. Have your Group and ID numbers handy. Ask them: - How much coverage do you have, if any? - Is there a deductible? Is it per calendar year (i.e.: January – December)? - Is there a maximum amount per visit? -Must you obtain a doctor’s note before receiving massage in order to submit a claim for benefits?
  • Do you do direct billing to my specific insurance company?
    Our RMT’s bill a wide range of insurance companies including, but not limited to: Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife, Green Shield, Canada Life, iA Financial. DA Townley, Empire Life and DVA. You will only have to pay the remaining balance if the policy does not cover 100%.
  • If you cannot submit my treatment expense directly to my insurer, can I get the invoice to submit to my Extended Benefits provider myself?"
    Yes you can. We provide you with an email of a PDF version. You can print yourself and mail to your insurer for reimbursement based on their rules.
  • Does MSP cover Massage Therapy Treatments?
    BC MSP may cover massage therapy under certain circumstances. It is up to you to determine if this will be the case for you and to get reimbursed. We do not bill directly to MSP. The exception is our Physiotherapist Lily Wu who can bill MSP. Many extended Health Care Insurance Plans include Massage Therapy. Check with your employer to see if your company benefits package includes Massage Therapy.
  • Is RMT a tax deductible medical expense?
    Yes. Massage Therapy is a tax-deductible medical expense, similar to Dental or Eyeglass expenses
  • How often should I have a Massage?
    There are two answers to this question. Many people receive regular massage throughout their lives; - For preventative health – to maintain flexibility, good posture and decreased stress response. - To manage painful conditions including chronic pain, headaches and back & neck pain. - To become more conscious of how their body functions – to be more ‘body aware’. - Also, Massage Therapy is excellent for specific conditions which require focused treatment plans such as: Injuries to soft tissue like sprains and strains and activity-based syndromes like Runner’s Knee or Plantar Fasciitis. - Treatment of contractures due to previous injury or surgeries. - Rehabilitation of a limb after removal of a cast. Your therapist will make recommendations about frequency and duration based upon your treatment plan. It is a good idea to stick with your plan so you can achieve the maximum benefit from treatment.
  • Do you offer prenatal care?
    Yes we do!! Our massage therapists offer Glowing Mama Massage with pregnancy bolster and our acupuncturist, David Malcolm also offers prenatal care.
  • Do you offer Naturopathic Services?
    Yes we do!! Dr. Colleen Hartwick is offering naturopathic treatments. She is also offering IMS, acupuncture, diagnostic testing & botanical medicine.
  • Do you offer Registered Acupuncture?
    Yes we do! David Malcolm is available Sunday- Thursdays. He has evening appointments too!
  • How early do I need to show up for my appointment?
    We ask that clients arrive a few minutes to their appointment and wait in their car. Your therapist will call or text you when it is time to come in for your appointment Due to pandemic precautions, start and end times cannot be adjusted as social distancing practices need to be enacted.
  • What is included in my appointment? Why is my 60-min appointment not 60 mins on the table?
    Your appointment includes time includes Administration, Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and any Patient Educations Necessary.
  • Which RMT is right for me?
    We are happy to help find a therapist to meet your needs. When booking online, you can access the bios of all of our therapists. We offer Registered Massage Therapy, Registered Acupuncture, Naturopathic Doctor, Relaxation Massage & Reiki.
  • What if I have special health conditions?
    Please notify your RMT before beginning your appointment (please make note on your intake form), this will help us implement the best treatment plan for your specific needs.
  • How can I get the best treatment for me?
    During the massage, please advise the therapist if you would like more pressure, less pressure, if you are cold, or too warm. Our therapists are more than happy to oblige your request provided it is in your best interest. Some people love to chat the whole way through their massage. Others prefer to use their massage time as a quiet time. The choice is yours. If you would prefer a quiet and peaceful massage, just let your therapist know that’s what you would prefer. They will not be offended!
  • What should I wear? Am I clothed during my massage?
    You can wear as much or as little clothing as you wish. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will be covered by a sheet and blanket at all times. Your therapist will uncover one area at a time (i.e.: your back) to treat and then cover it again when they are finished. You will always be explained the treatment plan in detail, explaining what part of the body the therapist will be touching, and uncovering. If you are not comfortable with the treatment explained to you, you can let the therapist know and they will modify it to your comfort level. you are always in control.
  • What if I am expecting a phone call during my massage?
    You can’t relax if your phone is constantly going off. Please remember to turn your phone to silent or off before your massage begins. A ringing phone will disrupt your own massage but also disrupts those in other rooms.
  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?
    To avoid being charged for the full amount of your session, please let us know 24 hours ahead of time if you will be unable to come. At Courtenay Massage Therapy, when you book an appointment, that time is set aside specifically for YOU, and missed appointments prevent us from helping other clients. We encourage all patients who are sick, or experiencing symptoms such as fever, trouble breathing, coughing to call or text to reschedule your appointment at 250-897-0069.
  • Can I choose to have a male or female therapist?
    If you have a gender preference, please advise us if you are booking over the phone. Otherwise, all the bios and pictures are available to look at when you book online, you can choose whom you would like!
  • Where do I park my car?
    We have accessible parking right against our building in front of the garage and no stairs in the building. We do not have an automatic front door, but we do have an accessible washroom with grab bars and our treatment tables are hydraulic and can be raised and lowered to suit.
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