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Virtual Health Appointments, Somatics and Tai Chi Classes are CMT's newest additions to support you on your wellness journey!



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Common Questions

What is Virtual Health Care?

Virtual Health Care is a fantastic service offered to new and current clients to offer instruction via videoconferencing platforms such as ZOOM, chat and text and/or educational portals to promote further healing and flexibility with virtual face to face, tailored instruction. This could include including Physiotherapy consultations, stretches, classes, self-massage and movement guidance,d epending on the therapist you choose. It is one-on-one care with detailed instruction specifically for your own unique scenario.

Why would I choose Virtual Health Care?

1. REDUCING PAIN AND STRESS - We all want to feel better and move with ease and without pain! In current times, with all the technological options available today, a Virtual Health Care Appointment can empower you with the right techniques and information to reach your therapeutic goals. If you aren’t sure what your therapeutic goals are, we can help you lay those out as well!

2. FEELING SUPPORTED - Virtual Health Care not only offers a support system and a form of accountability, it encourages your own self-management with virtual face to face support via the knowledge and kindness of your Registered Massage Therapist.

3. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS! – Virtual Health Care is used for aiding in recovery from acute or chronic injury using exercises through progressive Range of Motion, strength and functional exercises, self-mobilization and massage, as well as patient education. Virtual Health Care has been shown to achieve similar outcomes to physical visits for many conditions.

Can my Virtual Health Care Appointment with the RMT be billed to extended health?

As an RMT, we cannot direct bill for Virtual Health Care, However, Lily Wu, our Physiotherapist does offer direct billing to MSP for her services. Not being able to direct bill does not reflect the quality of care. All Virtual Health Care Appointments will be geared towards the best client outcome, just as if you had received treatment in the clinic.

Is it really that simple to use ZOOM to have a Virtual Health Care Appointment? I'm a bit of a technophobe!

YES! It's pretty straight-forward. You simply click on the button beside your therapist’s picture under this section, and you will be asked to be redirected to your ZOOM waiting room. It may be a few minutes but you will be admitted by your therapist. If you have issues or find it is not connecting, your therapist will notice and will contact you.

What kind of computer hardware to I require?

Most modern laptop and tablets purchased in the last few years have built-in cameras and microphones, so something like that would suffice. If you have a tablet it will need to be propped up to see you in full. A desktop computer is fine as well as long as you have a built-in or external camera/microphone installed. Using a phone is not recommended for Virtual Health care and the small screen size inhibits the visual observation of movement, which is very important to assessment.


How do I login to my Virtual Health Care Appointment?

Use the quick links above, or scroll down and click the button below to Log-In with the RMT with whom you have the scheduled appointment.