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knee Braces for Different Types of Knee Injuries

There are many styles and designs of knee braces and this can add confusion as you try to choose the right one for you. Some knee braces are more expensive, but are of higher quality and last longer. Some braces are more affordable but may not fit as snugly as others. It's important for you to talk to a professional before making a purchase. A professional can help you learn which brace will work best for you.

After being unable to walk for two months due to a severe knee injury, our patient, Nicole, was left with severe pain and limited mobility. She feared the injury would worsen over time. Nicole felt that if she didn't do something about it soon, she would never be able to run or play sports again. She consulted with us and was fitted with the knee brace that most suited her recovery needs.

These questions will help you choose the right brace:

  • Do you have swelling or pain?

  • Do you need this to support your knee during sports or exercise?

  • Do you have arthritis or another chronic knee condition?

  • Do you have problems with walking?

  • Do you need a brace after your knee surgery?

Now let’s look at knee braces for all of these types of situations. We start by looking at specific types and the conditions and needs they suit.

1. Compression Sleeves (Also known as elastic sleeves)

Do you have mild to moderate chronic knee pain and arthritis? Compression sleeves can provide stability for daily use or to support athletic performance as well as comfort to your knees.

This supportive brace:

  • Redistributes the weight-bearing load

  • Increases the ability to perform your best during training and sports

  • Helps decrease pain from day-to-day movement

  • Can fit under clothing for daily comfort.

Compression sleeves have various features to accommodate easy movement from donut holes for the kneecap to metal side supports.

2. Wraparound Knee Brace

Do you have mild to moderate knee pain, patellar instabilities, and dislocation?

A wraparound knee brace is:

  • Simple and easy to put on and off

  • Allows you to customize the fit for comfort and knee protection

  • Can be worn during activity for confident movement

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Can be worn well by either men or women

3. Custom Knee Braces

Custom knee braces are ideal for those looking for a knee brace for extra support and stability. For an accurate fit, your knee is measured at specific points. The brace is then made for your specific requirements.

Customization questions include:

  • Do you need it for a specific activity?

  • Do you need it to hyperextend your knee?

  • Do you need it for broken and fractured bones?

  • Do you need it for genetic disorders or bone tumors?

  • Do you need it for inflammation of the tendon or bone?

Your doctor, physiotherapist or athletic therapist can help guide you with selecting the best type for you.

4. Strap-Style Braces

Strap-style knee braces are used to support the knee. They are usually used for people who have had some kind of knee injury, or who are living with various knee conditions, such as arthritis or gout.

Strap-style braces are :

  • Made with straps instead of sleeves

  • Made of a combination of nylon, plastic, rubber, and neoprene

  • Usually adjustable

  • A good alternative to a patella tendon strap

  • Less obtrusive and will not irritate certain individuals

5. Unloader Knee Braces

Doctors recommend unloader knee braces for patients suffering from acute and chronic medial patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Unloader knee braces are used to help relieve the pressure and pain on the kneecap and surrounding tissue and joints caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These braces apply a constant force that will lessen the load placed on the kneecap and surrounding joints. It can also lessen pain and even promote healing of the affected joints.

These braces are:

  • Simple to use

  • Easy to assemble

  • Comfortable to wear - adjustable straps, memory foam

  • Come in a range of styles and sizes to best fit the needs

Why is a knee brace important?

Studies appearing in medical and engineering journals such as the Journal of Orthotics and Prosthetics have shown that knee braces can offer up to 95% of users with knee Osteoarthritis a reduction in pain. In the studies, 70% of participants also noted an increase in their weekly physical activity.

In using the brace, our patient Nicole, was provided with a great deal of support and experienced great relief of her pain. It allowed her to walk normally and enjoy a higher quality of life. The main advantage of the brace was that it was lightweight and easy to use. The knee brace didn't affect her daily life, and she was able to go about her life doing all things that she normally would.

There are so many types of knee braces, that it can indeed be confusing. Know your needs or conditions and you’ll be equipped to choose and to buy the best product for you.

If you’re experiencing pain or stress, call us at 250-897-0069 or BOOK ONLINE. Alternatively, please use the CONTACT US page to request help with services or booking. We are ready and willing to help.

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