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Dr. Kaitlyn Newton, DC

Unsure if orthotics could help? Book a 15 minute complementary orthotic assessment. Dr. Kaite will go over any questions you have and assess your movement over a video call to determine if being fitted for orthotics is right for you. ​​

About Orthotics

What is included with each of the appointment types?

Complementary orthotic assessment - a free 15 minute online appointment through the jane software in which Dr. Kaite is able to answer any questions regarding if orthotics are suitable for those patients and to assess the complaint to make sure a fitting is appropriate. Not everyone needs to have this appointment before being fitted, it is there in case a patient is not sure if they do need orthotics. If they know or have a pre-existing pair, or have a prescription from their MD, they do not necessarily need this appointment, they can then be booked in for the gait assessment and casting.


Gait assessment and custom orthotic casting (15 minutes) - This appointment includes assessment of the feet and legs, assessment of gait (how the patient walks) and measurement of many movements in the feet and ankles to determine specifications for that person's custom orthotics. It also includes the casting of the feet in a foam box so that the manufacturing company can make the orthotics 100% custom to that patient.


Orthotic Fitting (15 minutes) - This appointment is booked by Dr. Kaite or the office staff after the orthotics have been made and have arrived at the office. This appointment is to ensure the custom orthotics fit properly before sending them home with the patient and is required for insurance purposes and warranty of the orthotic. 



Is there a warranty on the orthotic or a fit guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 day fit guarantee on the orthotics, and also a small fee afterwards ($40-60) if we need to send the orthotics back to be remade or fixed in any way for up to a year. 


What is the cost of each appointment/the orthotics themselves?

The only appointment cost is for the gait assessment which is 50 dollars and can be billed to insurance under chiropractic. The orthotics cost 500 dollars for 1 pair. 


Are orthotics covered by insurance?

It is possible for orthotics to be covered under insurance. You will need to contact your individual insurance company to determine if you have coverage, for how much, if you need an MD prescription/if a chiropractor can prescribe them. It is not possible to direct-bill for the pair of orthotics so you will have to pay upfront for this 500 dollar cost and can submit the paperwork for reimbursement afterwards. 


Do we direct-bill for orthotics? 

It is not possible to direct-bill for the pair of orthotics so you will have to pay upfront for this 500 dollar cost and can submit the paperwork for reimbursement afterwards. 


Do I need a prescription from my MD?

It is possible your insurance may require a prescription from an MD for reimbursement, make sure to contact your insurance company to determine this prior to booking a gait assessment and casting. 


What is required before the appointment (gait assessment and casting)/ what do I need to bring with me?

It is essential that you complete any health history form for our clinic prior to arriving for your appointment. If this form is not filled out we will not be able to complete the appointment in the time allotted and will have to reschedule for another and charge for extra appointment time. It is also essential that you arrive with the shoes that you intend on putting the orthotics into, preferably a pair in which the insole can be removed but this is not essential, just makes the measurements slightly more accurate for fit into the shoe. You should also be wearing shorts or pants that can be rolled up to above the knee. 


What casting method are we using?

We are using a foam box casting method to make appropriate impressions of your feet. 


If I want a second pair later do I have to be re-cast and pay for another fitting appointment?

If you choose to order a second pair within a year you will not need to recast for the orthotic so will not need to pay for that appointment. If you are looking for this option please just contact the clinic and Dr. Kaite will give you a call to determine specifics of the new orthotic and get them ordered. No need to come into the office until the new pair arrives. 


I don’t know how to work online appointments. Can I not just come in in person for the complimentary assessment?

Yes, it is possible to come in in person, please ask office staff to specify it as in-person